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by alex June 21, 2017


I have worked a full year on a school project called ‘Bolt Storm’ as a gameplay/ui programmer. Went through 3 phases of development: pre-production, production and polishing.


Room Controller
Responsible for sending room events to Actors that reside within the room, spawning enemies and closing gates once you enter the room. The room controllers also act as a connection through the procedural dungeon.
Room Controller Document  (PDF)

Mini-map / Map
Feature that gives clarity for navigating the dungeon. The system is also used to allow for teleportation between cleared rooms.
Mini Map Document  (PDF)

Other work I did programming for:
* Armory king customization, unlocking of new armor pieces.
* Settings menu
* Main menu
* Pause menu
* Controller user interface input
* Credits menu
* Game feedback
* Room teleporters
* Room doors


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