Alex Meesters

Bolt Storm

Bolt Storm Bolt Storm

Kuality Games / 3rd year school project Kuality Games / 3rd year school project

Sushi Roll
  • C# Programming
  • Unity 3D
  • Client Work

Sushi Roll Sushi Roll

Client work for Paladin Studios Client work for Paladin Studios

Check It : Memory Challenge
  • Client Work
  • Unity 3D
  • Full Game

Check It : Memory Challenge Check It : Memory Challenge

Mobile game made for client Mobile game made for client

Multi Bomb
  • Unity 3D
  • Full Game
  • Personal Project

Multi Bomb Multi Bomb

First self-published mobile game First self-published mobile game

DISK – Ludum Dare 37
  • C# Programming
  • Unity 3D
  • Game Jam


Ludum Dare 37 Ludum Dare 37

Tiny Wave
  • C# Programming
  • Design
  • Game Jam

Tiny Wave Tiny Wave

Global Game Jam 2017 Global Game Jam 2017

Gameplay Programmer

Currently I am using my spare time to make games for the mobile market. My last published game is Multi Bomb'. I have also done client work, which is listed in the portfolio. I also love to make prototypes to prove mechanics.
While my main focus is programming, I have been an artist in multiple projects using tools such as 'Maya' and 'Photoshop'. I have mainly been practicing game design by making my own games and prototypes.
Currently a student at NHTV in Breda. Following the study called International Game Architecture and Design. The bachelor course mainly consists of project based work. Working in team sizes of 5 to 30+ people.
My main specialisation is gameplay programming. Specialised in Unity 3D (C#) and Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints). My affinity to create Mobile Games has also teached me a lot about optimization.

About me




Why games?
I have grown up with games like Diablo, Duke Nukem 3D, Red Alert, Super Mario World and Half-Life. I loved playing games a lot.
At a young age I already knew I wanted to make games, this was not always encouraged by my environment.

How I got into game development.
The first engine I was exposed to was the Build Engine (Duke Nukem 3D), I loved playing around in it and making new maps.
Eventually I started developing in Graal Online (Age 14-16), an online player world based game. That worked with its own scripting language (GScript)
This learned me the basics of coding, The difference between client-side and server-side scripting. And the importance of teamwork.
After time I had chosen to pursue a career in game development by doing an HBO study for it in The Netherlands.

How do I see myself.
I see myself as a teamplayer, I tend to apply my decision making as a programmer to be in the benefit of the team. Achieving good accesibility, understandability and reusability of code is my key focus. As a person I try to be aware and involved, I strongly encourage good communication.

I've graduated at NHTV (BUAS) following International Game Architecture and Design in 2018 and recieved a Bachelor of Science degree.

Alex Meesters